The purpose of the ZNRG Foundation is to create a channel for the next generation of Climate and Energy Leaders to share ideas, work collaboratively on initiatives, and connect to professional work opportunities across Climate and Clean Energy. Young people will be instrumental in building the next iteration of Climate Technology, creating the next phase of International Climate Agreements, and developing and financing the next generation of Climate Projects. The ZNRG platform provides a channel for young people to get involved, stay engaged, and make a difference.

Zenergy Platform

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Our Vision & Mission

Become the leading climate leadership development and job training platform for aspiring young professionals by:

Building the world’s most listened to Climate leadership podcast

Providing channels to connect to the top climate organizations via a one-of-a-kind job platform and organized climate career treks

Offering unparalleled access to climate leadership development virtual training programs taught by leading climate voices

What makes the Zenergy platform unique:

  • Curated events for aspiring professionals
  • Hear directly from leading Climate Voices
  • Unparalleled access to professional opportunities in Climate

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Shari Friedman

Managing Director of Climate & Sustainability at Eurasia Group

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Special Episode:

Breakdown of the Inflation Reduction Act by 3 Climate Experts

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