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Ajaita Shah

Ajaita Shah is a social activist and the founder and CEO of Frontier Markets, which has sold over 1 million products to customers across India’s last mile. As Ms. Shah describes it, “Frontier is going to be the Amazon of the last mile,” and in this episode, we explore what led to the founding of Frontier Markets, the initial fears, and how the model as evolved over time. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Ms. Ajaita Shah! ​

Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:48]  What was the biggest fear or impediment for Ms. Shah prior to launching?

[5:49] What were the motivations behind launching Frontier Markets? 

[11:58] How was the solar saheli model developed? 

[13:08] What are the five biggest changes that Frontier has implemented from 2015 to today?


Anjali Bailakrishna 

[13:40] The role of technology in Frontier's operations

[14:21] How does the e-commerce model work in reality?

[17:05] How are payments processed, are they credit or cash based? 


[22:10] The Frontier financing model and Ms. Shah's perspective on the rural financing landscape moving forward

[23:35] What does Frontier's distribution chain look like 

[24:38] What are the most rewarding aspects of engaging as a social entrepreneur?

[27:04] As a leading mentor to young women entrepreneurs, what are some of the patterns that Ms. Shah sees across this group, and what common advice does Ms. Shah offer them? 

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