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Amit Jain

Amit Jain is a senior energy specialist at the World Bank India team and former Fulbright scholar with the NREL. Mr. Jain worked on the India's first solar project in Gujarat, and also recently led two of the World Bank’s largest solar financing schemes—worth a total of $1.5 billion. In this conversation, we will explore the World Bank’s role in the Indian renewable energy space and how the organization acts as a facilitator of capital. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Jain and Mr. Srey!  










Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:55] An introduction to the state of the solar sector in India and the World Bank’s work in this space

[6:00] How was the WB-SBI financing of $625 million structured to help facilitate more investment?

[9:23] In depth explanation of how WB facilitates private sector capital, through SBI example

[10:53] What are proportionate power contracts and how are they structured? 

[13:25] Is payment security a significant challenge in India today with regards to solar?

[16:55] Is the guarantee model implemented by Mr. Jain's team going to be replicated in other regions? 

[17:16] Did you know India would become as successful as it has become today in solar? Moving forward, do you think India will continue to be a global leader in this space?

[20:04] Mr. Shrey’s insights

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