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Anand Shah​

Mr. Anand Shah is the co-founder of Ola Electric, which is India’s largest electric vehicle company. As a leader on the Ola Electric team, Anand Shah helped formulate Ola Electric’s Mission Electric initiative, which seeks to put 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2021. Through this interview, we explore Mr. Shah's perspective on social entrepreneurship, the importance of energy storage and how EVs and renewable energy will shape India in the decade to come. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Shah! 


Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:24] Key learnings from interviewing 2000 people as a BMW executive, on the future of mobility

[7:49] Which social entrepreneurship qualities are pivotal according to Mr. Shah?

[11:34] Is the entrepreneurial problem solving process linear or exponential?

[13:14] What led Mr. Shah into social entrepreneurship?

[15:39] What was his role in Ola Electric’s vision “Mission Electric”?

[19:28] Importance of a combination of both clean energy generation and storage capacity

[22:01] What are Mr. Shah’s views on battery swapping?

[24:34] Will renewable energy and electric vehicles serve as a platform to help more firmly establish India's leadership position on the world stage?

Anand Shah
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