Anjali Garg

Anjali Garg is the manager of the IFC’s Lighting Asia India Program.  The IFC Lighting Asia India initiative, through helping portfolio companies scale their operations, has been a key catalyzer of the rural energy access ecosystem in India. Ms. Garg has helped spearhead these efforts and in this interview, we will explore the development of the rural energy market over the past decade, and the work the IFC has engaged in, in this space. I would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Garg, who has been absolutely instrumental in enabling this interview series. 


Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:47] Ms. Garg introduces her background and what led her into the energy space?

[4:14] How has the energy access market developed over the past decade?

[7:08] The IFC's consumer awareness - Suryoday - campaign and the team's key learnings

[12:51] Breakdown of what a consumer awareness campaign looks like in the rural context

[15:48] How does the IFC team approach the expansion process when helping its portfolio companies? What are the first executional steps?

[22:15] How did the IFC team facilitate the microfinancing partnerships for Devidayal Solar in Rajasthan?

[25:07] Ms. Garg reflects on the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of her professional journey

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