Arun Tripathi

Arun Tripathi is the director of the National Institute of Solar Energy.  This is the premier government institute for the R&D of solar energy technologies and is a direct spinoff of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.  In this episode, Dr. Tripathi gives us a valuable overview of the history of renewable energy in India as well as government led R&D initiatives in solar and energy storage systems.  Lastly, Dr. Tripathi provides his perspective on the key obstacles in the solar industry moving forward. 




Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:50] What led Mr. Tripathi into the energy sector initially?

[4:53] Was Mr. Tripathi expecting renewable energy to become as big as it has become in India?

[7:23] Inquiry into NISE's work in the energy storage and battery space?

[8:34] Mr. Tripathi describes the function of MNRE and breaks down how it is structured

[23:05] When was SECI created?

[23:43] How the reverse auction bidding process works

[24:10] Have the renewable energy subsidies been eliminated or are they still in place?

[25:30] What is some of the key work NISE is engaged in?

[28:45] What’s the efficiency of this solar cell that NISE has been developing for the Indian government?

[30:40] Mr. Tripathi expresses his optimism for solar in India moving forward

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