Mr. Ashish Khanna

Ashish Khanna is the President of Tata power company, which is now India’s largest integrated power company, that has helped transform the Indian electricity landscape. In this conversation, Mr. Khanna expresses his insight into the hurdles that the solar energy sector has yet to overcome to hit its potential, as well as the potential areas for US-India partnership in the sustainable energy sector. Mr. Khanna also provides advice to the younger generation on entrepreneurial opportunities in this space, and I hope you enjoy this conversation with Mr. Ashish Khanna! ​

There was a slight connectivity issue early on - conversation becomes clear as the interview proceeds. Please listen with headphones and apologize for the inconvenience - but very great learnings included!

Topics covered on this podcast:

[2:16] Future of Solar Energy:  facts on Indian electricity statistics over the coming decades and why solar is well-positioned to tap into this, plus the obstacles that the industry must overcome

[12:50] Where are the entrepreneurial opportunities for new companies in the renewable sector in India

[21:58] What insight would Mr. Khanna give to the younger generation?

[23:56] Could there be a potential US-India partnership in the renewable energy sector?

Ashish Khanna
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