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Baldev Singh Sran

Baldev Singh Sran is the former Chairman and Managing Director of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, which is Punjab’s state-run and only distribution company.  In his 2-year eventful stint, Mr. Sran brought down the transmission and distribution losses and worked to use resources of private thermal plants for banking of power in winters, for the state to draw in summers. In this interview, we discuss Mr. Sran’s successful undertaking, as well as clarify the concepts of fixed charge and variable charges for thermal power plants. In addition, Mr. Sran provides his views on how to improve the health of distribution companies and also the challenges associated with RE integration as penetration levels increase. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Sran! 








Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:06] A brief introduction of Mr. Sran and his involvement in the Indian energy sector

[4:05] How did Mr. Sran manage to create a surplus of power during the summer season?

[8:03] What is the average cost of supply of power in Punjab?

[10:00] What is the fixed charge versus the variable rate for thermal power plants? 

[12:24] What were some of the key challenges with the grid integration of renewable energy from the distribution and system level perspectives?

[19:08] Clarifying the concepts of stranded capacity charge and fixed charge in grid integration

[22:17] Is ramping down the solar or the thermal plant a cost to the distribution company?

[29:21] Why are Indian distribution companies in low financial health and what are some possible solutions?

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