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Benson Mwakina

Benson Mwakina is the Director of Renewable energy in Kenya, and in this capacity, Mr. Mwakina oversees all of the renewable energy initiatives in Kenya which is one of the fastest growing emerging countries located in East Africa. Kenya’s electrification has been one of the success stories, improving from an 8% rate in 2000 to now 75% in 2020. In this conversation, Mr. Mwakina walks us through the government's plans to invest further in solar energy projects and how the country plans to prop up its electricity demand. ​I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Mwakina! 


Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:45] Mr. Mwakina introduces himself and speaks about background

[3:05] What are the solar development plans for the Kenyan government? 

[8:15] Is the Garissa Project the only large scale, operational project presently?

[9:17] Is Kenya's sole distribution company government owned?

[9:55] Mr. Mwakina speak sabout the sanctity of PPAs to quell investor concerns

[12:16] Have the PAN African Alliances played an important role in Kenya’s energy development?

[15:20] Could the solar electricity be distributed across several African countries?

[16:58] What role does foreign investment play? How do you encourage foreign direct investment in renewable energy?

[19:00] How has Kenya been able to achieve such great success in the off-grid space?

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