Battery Market Overview: Fact Sheet

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· Between 2010 and 2020, the average lithium-ion battery pack price fell 89% to $137/kWh. BNEF’s analysis suggests that battery prices are on track to fall to $58/kWh by 2030

· In 2020, 67.8% of Cobalt production was sourced from Congo and 88% of lithium production was sourced from Australia, Chile and China

· Globally there is 586,303 MWh of commissioned cell manufacturing capacity, of which 82% is sourced in China (479k MWh). US has 41,116 MWh of commissioned capacity, Japan has 12,051 MWh, South Korea has 15,062 MWh. Hungary and Poland make up most of the remaining.

· CATL (67.5k), BYD (60k), LG Chem (58.6k), SK Innovation (39.3k), Tesla Panasonic (32k), Samsung (19k), and CATL SAIC (18k) are the leaders in the cell manufacturing space by commissioned capacity (MWh)

· An additional 821,387 MWh of cell manufacturing capacity is under construction. 85% is in China (697,752 MWh). 29,800 MWh of capacity is under construction in the US. CATL by itself is currently constructing 267,500 MWh.

Fully commissioned global capacity of battery anodes is 570,520 t

80.6% is in China, 13.5% in Japan, 4.2% in South Korea, .8% in India, .7% in US

Top ten companies make up 84.5% of current commissioned capacity

Fully commissioned capacity of battery cathodes is 910,552 t

57% is in China, 19% in South Korea, 18.5% in Japan

Top ten companies make up 56.4% of current commissioned capacity

Capacity under construction for battery anodes is 202,000 t – 90% is in China and rest is in South Korea

Capacity under construction for battery cathodes is 505,000 t—91% is in China with 6% in South Korea and 3% in Sweden

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