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CP Poonacha

C. P. Poonacha, is the Head of Commercal Operations at DLF Group and the Managing Director of DLF Power and Services Limited. The DLF Group is India's largest real estate company and in this conversation, Mr. Poonacha discusses DLF’s real estate expansion plans and how renewable energy will be integrated. Further, Mr. Poonacha shows what variables need to be considered, in order for customers to more willingly and easily adopt solar energy into their porftolios.  Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Poonacha! 







Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:50] Mr. Poonacha introduces himself and speaks about his background

[3:34] Context around the DLF Group and how the business is structured

[7:25] The co-generation power plants of Cyber City

[12:15] Does the DLF group plan to add more than its current 3 megawatts of solar power?

[15:32] What have been some of the key macro challenges for integrating solar into DLFs portfolio? 

[17:45] Background on the annual banking of power policy and how it varies across states 

[22:09] What can the government do to help solve these macro hurdles?

[23:31] What are DLF’s expansion and solar integration plans for the future?

[28:38] Advice to the younger generation from Mr. Poonacha, who has extensive experience! 

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