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Dan Croft

Dan Croft is a founding member of the IFC scaling solar program and was instrumental in developing and implementing IFC's so-called ‘Upstream’ strategy. He has been involved in the renewable sector since the beginning of his career, and has extensive experience advising governments and other authorities on how to form public-private partnerships in the energy sector. In this interview, Mr. Croft gives us an insight into the African solar market, what the challenges for renewable energy integration are across several African countries, and why storage will play such a key role moving forward. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Croft! 


Topics covered on this podcast:

[2:06] A brief introduction to Mr. Croft's involvement in the energy sector

[4:17] What was the idea behind the first scaling solar initiative, which was in Zambia?

[6:14] What were the key challenges in the African solar market, early on in its development?

[13:29] What are the primary obstacles which the IFC scaling solar program helps to manage across the RE markets in Northern, Eastern and Western African countries?

[20:29] How important will energy storage be in the IFC scaling solar's future programming?  

[23:00] What does the future of renewable energy look in Africa?

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