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Pramod Deo

Pramod Deo is India’s longest serving electricity regulator and former chair of the central electricity regulatory commission.  As India’s longest serving regulator, Dr. Deo has been a pioneer in enacting policies that help improve the integration of renewable energy into the Indian energy mix.  In this conversation, I ask Dr. Deo about how the Indian electricity system is structured and what the key challenges are for the system moving forward.

Sushanta Chatterjee

In this episode, we also listen to Sushanta Chatterjee, who is the chief regulatory officer of the central electricity regulatory commission, and has been serving for the last 7 years.  We focus our discussion on the present policies CERC is working on to ensure the smooth integration of renewable energy sources.

Topics covered in this podcast:

Dr. Pramod Deo

[1:50] A brief introduction of Dr. Deo’s involvement in the energy sector of India

[8:10] Can you talk about how the Indian electricity system is structured?

[13:43] How has the congestion problem been dealt with, especially in terms of green corridors?

[17:00] Which ministries manage what, in terms of how the grid is structured and operated?

[22:35] The extent to which distribution companies are privatized in India


Dr. Sushanta Chatterjee

[25:10] What are the key costs of renewable energy integration onto the grid? 


Dr. Pramod Deo

[35:12] Is there GW threshold which represents an inflection point for grid integration?

[37:53] Breakdown of the subsidization policy and impacts on the DISCOM cash flow

[45:35] Primary reasons for why Discoms are unable to have a positive net income

[50:28] Are you optimistic the distribution problem in India will improve?

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