Season 1 Preview

Manoj Kohli


"I think this next 10 years, India’s mission will be tested. India’s already taken up a mission of integrating 450 gigawatt renewable energy by 2030 and 175 by ’22, and I think we are progressing well."

Head of SoftBank India

Season 3 Preview

Anjali Garg

"You have to be flexible and be able to pilot and experiment with new ideas. Because what works, say in, Africa or Bangladesh, may or may not work in India. And what works probably in Utter Pradesh may not work in Assam or Rajasthan. So, you have to be open to piloting and experimenting new ideas"

Energy Specialist & Program Manager

Lighting Asia/India, International Finance Corp

Season 2 Preview

Pramod Deo

"Towards the state level it’s going to be always a challenge unless you address the essential – basic problem that how do you run your DISCOM. They have to be run as a commercial entity, they should be arms away from the State government, they should not be a political instrument for the State government. That is the big challenge."

Former chair of CERC

India's longest serving regulator  

Season 4 Preview

Harsh Shringla

"Well, as far as India is concerned, our commitment to renewable energy has been made clear by our Prime Minister. And he made a commitment not as part of our climate change commitment, but, in terms of our own national commitment to make sure that 40% of our total energy consumption by the year 2030 was from renewable energy."

India's Foreign Secretary