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Gaurav Gupta


Gaurav Gupta is the Global Head of Dalberg’s Energy practice, which is one of the world's top impact consulting firms. As the founder of Dalberg's Asia practice, Mr. Gupta has been a key contributor for Dalberg's growth and primarily focuses his efforts in the areas of energy access, sustainability, access to education, and poverty alleviation. In this conversations, Mr. Gupta breakdowns decentralized eneryg applications and provides his perspective on what he believes the future of energy to look like. 


Topics covered in this podcast

[2:38] A brief introduction of the speaker and their involvement in the energy sector

[6:17] What are the categories of energy Dalberg works on?

[12:25] Is Dalberg's focus on centralized or off-grid?

[14:45] Will there be large scale development in decentralized energy distribution across India?

[19:27] Will India be an established global leader in the renewable sector moving forward?

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