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Harish Hande

Harish Hande is the founder of SELCO and SELCO Foundation, which was one of the first rurally focused energy companies in India.  Mr. Hande is known as a maverick in this space, and has received both the Skoll Award and Ramon Magsaysay award for his pivotal work in building the Indian rural energy access ecosystem. In this conversation, Mr. Hande shares his insights on how to scale and effectively help build livelihoods in rural India, using decentralized solar energy systems as a catalyst. Mr. Harish also provides his perspective on the future of the Indian energy sector. 






Topics covered in this podcast:

[3:00] How is SELCO able to develop localized solutions yet replicate them in other areas?

[8:18] Dr. Hande's views on the energy sector moving forward and some of its inherent challenges 

[13:23] How is solar used as a catlyst to build opportunity and generate sustainable income streams?

[15:09] SELCO’s ability to build relationships with rural banks to help customers

[19:07] SELCO's model of employing former clients, who are most knowledgable about ground realities

[19:24] Mr. Hande reflects on the key realizations within himself which he needed to "unlearn" prior to embarking on this incredible journey of his 

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