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Mr. Harsh Vardhan Shringla


Mr. Harsh Vardhan Shringla is India’s Foreign Secretary and Former Ambassador of India to the US. In this episode, Foreign Secretary Shringla explains how renewable energy can help India assume a stronger leadership position in the world and simultaneously help combat global warming by cutting down on carbon emissions. Foreign Secretary Shringla also articulates the potential partnerships which can be explored between the US and India in the clean energy space for the future. Hope you enjoy my conversation ​with Foreign Secretary Shringla! 

Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:01] What will be the role of India in the new geopolitical landscape created by the transition to sustainable energy?

[6:13] How India’s demand curve for energy compares with that of other countries

[8:37] How could India’s partnership with the U.S help the global development of renewable energy?

[11:20] What specific area is it best to focus on to strengthen this partnership in the clean energy space?

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