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Mr. Hemant Sahai


Hemant Sahai, the founding partner of HSA Advocates, which is one of India’s leading and most active law firms in the renewable energy space. In this conversation, Mr. Sahai provides insight into how the energy landscape is evolving from a legal standpoint, and how the courts have responded to instances where discoms have renegaded from contract commitments.  Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Sahai! 






Topics covered in this podcast:

[0:09] Mr. Sahai introduces himself and his involvement in the energy sector in India

[5:35] The context around DISCOMs and their delay of payments to renewable generators

[13:21] What is happening with subsidies and will there be a switch to direct transfers from the State to the consumer instead of payments through a DISCOM?

[18:00] Will renewable energy be a great vehicle for India to improve is leadership position in the world and are Indian solar companies competitive on a global scale?

Hemant Sahai
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