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 Inderpreet Wadhwa


Inderpreet Wadhwa is the founder of Azure Power, which is one of India’s leading renewable energy development companies that has a total installed capacity of 7 GWs.  Azure power was the first renewable energy company to have an IPO and the first of any Indian energy company to list an issuance of solar green bonds in the international market.  In this conversation Mr. Wadhwa explains how he developed Azure Power into one of the most successful energy companies in India and reflects on the challenges the company was able to overcome along the way. 










Topics covered in this podcast:

[01:58] Mr. Wadhwa briefly introduces himself and his involvement into the solar sector

[6:41] The story behind one of the earliest Indian solar opportunities

[14:30] How did solar energy in India take off in the early days? 

[11:22] What were the challenges in the early days of the solar sector and how have these evolved over time?

[26:03] Will tariffs continue to be commercially viable even at these extremely low prices?

[35:03] An incredible piece of advice for the young guns from Mr. Wadhwa

Inderpreet Wadhwa
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