Mr. Kamal Lath

Kamal Lath is the managing director and former CFO of D.Light, which just recently reached the 100 million rural product milestone. Mr. Lath was instrumental in helping D.Light raise 100 million dollars in funding during a difficult time, providing thus an important inflection for D.Light in its mission. In this episode Mr. Lath discusses the company's journey and many challenges they had to overcome to reach their goals.  Mr. Lath concludes by providing his views on the decentralized energy landscape and the potential it has to move forward.  Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Lath! 

Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:02] What was Mr. Lath's experience like engaging in the Harvard Executive MBA Program?

[5:02] Mr. Lath's background and how he joined D.light as a CFO in 2015

[10:04] How was such a significant amount of capital raised, what lessons have been learned from this experience?

[16:37] What is the pay-as-you-go model and how effective is it?

[21:15] How did D.light manage to build trust with customers?

[25:38] Mr. Lath's views on decentralized solar across emerging markets

[26:05] What piece of advice would Mr. Lath give to his younger self?

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