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KVS Baba

KVS Baba is the chairman and managing director of the Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO), which is the Indian government organization responsible for ensuring the integrated operation of the Grid in a reliable, efficient and secure manner. In this conversation, Mr. Baba provides his perspective on the system level challenges associated with the integration of renewable energy sources.  Mr Baba also discusses POSOCO's primary functions and work in the improvement of forecasting the demand for and supply of energy. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Baba! 






Topics covered on this podcast:

[2:09] What are the primary functions of POSOCO?
[5:11] The extent of transmission losses found across the Indian electricity system
[6:39] What is the role of the regional load dispatch center?
[10:39] How has the new government measure of requiring letters of credit to the generators from the discoms been implemented?
[17:534] What are the primary impacts of RE integration and how can regional cooperation help mitigate those?
[25:44] A breakdown of what is and what is not allowed for Discoms to meet RPO targets

[29:01] What work has POSOCO engaged in to improve RE forecasting and the demand estimate?

[34:38] What system level challenges will India face in its attempts to achieve the 2022 RE targets?

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