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Manoj Kohli

Manoj Kohli, the current head of SoftBank India and the former CEO of SoftBank Energy (SBE), was instrumental in enabling SBE to develop 5.5 GW of solar capacity in the Indian market. In this conversation Mr. Kohli shares the story behind what propelled SoftBank to invest in this market in 2015, and how the risks have evolved over the years. This conversation concludes with great guidance to the younger generation — developed from years of experience as a business leader and mentor for countless entrepreneurs. ​



Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:07] How will renewable energy shape India’s global leadership position in the next decade?

[3:55] When will energy storage become an affordable possible solution?

[6:35] How did the risks in the Indian renewable energy sector evolve from 2015 onwards?

[9:00] What role have foreign direct investments played in the development of RE industry in India?

[10:35] Which will be more difficult to attract, long-term debt, equity or short-term debt?

[11:53] What ultimately led SoftBank to invest in the solar sector in India in 2015?

[13:30] What are the focus areas of possible collaboration between India and the US?

[15:12] Guidance from Mr. Kohli to the younger generation

Manoj Kohli
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