About me

My name is Karan Takhar. In May 2019, I graduated from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in Economics. I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC and fortunately have had many opportunities, through volunteer and research efforts, to engage with different corners of the community — both domestic and international. 


From these experiences, I have come to the belief that having sustainable access to energy resources will be a great equalizer. Energy resources can uplift villages, cities, and ultimately countries ​and enable them to become more self-sustaining. Renewable energy resources specifically provide this opportunity, as they are an unlimited supply source, geographically unconstrained and arguably most importantly, decentralized in nature. The key is learning how to effectively harness these resources at both the small and large scale. My intent during the Fulbright research—through conducting interviews, enrolling in classes and working with companies operating across the energy space—was to analyze what is needed for renewable adoption at both levels. India provides a solid model for other developing countries to replicate, as just in the last ten years India has managed to install about 40 gigawatts of solar capacity and has averaged about US $11 billion a year in renewable energy investments.


I look forward to sharing this phenomenal learning experience with all of you.