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Piyush Mathur

Piyush Mathur is the recent CEO and long-running CFO of Simpa Energy. Mr. Mathur has been attributed to helping Simpa scale and expand to 22 more districts in 3 states, employing 700 full-time staff and 3000 village level entrepreneurs.  Simpa is well-known for its unique usage of technology, which we will explore in this conversation with Mr. Mathur. In this episode, Mr. Mathur also explains the key decision components which one must evaluate prior to scaling into a new area and what he believes to be the future of the energy sector. ​


Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:55] Piyush provides insight into the story of how he connected with Simpa Energy

[4:52] What are some of the core components of the Simpa model from the customer point of view, as well as, the sales channel?

[8:42] What happens directly after agreement between Simpa’s sale agent and a customer?

[12:52] The costs of the solar systems 

[13:42] Technical details of the solar systems

[14:33] What is the challenge in convincing rural customers to adopt Simpa's system?

[15:45] What’s the situation of the customers before adopting Simpa systems? Do they experience power cuts?

[17:30] What is the payback period for these customers generally?

[18:09] The role of technology in enabling Simpa to scale its operations 

[20:55] The key decision-making criteria on whether Simpa scales and expands into new areas

[23:00] Mr. Mathur reflects on his experience and provides insight to recent college graduates

[25:28] What does Mr. Mathur believe the future of solar to be?

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