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Piyush Jaju & Vinay Jaju

Piyush and Vinay Jaju are brothers and the founders of ONergy Solar, which has won multiple awards for its work in the rural solar space. Mr. Piyush Jaju was a former investment banker and Mr. Vinay Jaju formerly worked for GE in Australia—and the combination of their experiences ultimately led to the idea of ONergy Solar. In this episode we explore the challenges that ONergy has had to overcome over the past decade and how these two brothers are able to continue to evolve in this entrepreneurial journey of theirs.  Furthermore, Mr. Piyush Jaju discusses their competitive advantage and how they are able to constantly ability to adapt to meet the needs of an evolving customer base. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Piyush and Vinay Jaju!  



Topics covered in this podcast:

Piyush Jaju

[1:50] What led Mr. Piyush Jaju to founding ONergy Solar and SwitchOn?

[3:27] What does Mr. Piyush Jaju believe the key characteristics of a social entrepreneur to be?  

[5:30] What are key learnings extracted from his experience leading ONergy over the past decade? 


Vinay Jaju

[6:35] What led Mr. Vinay Jaju into the social entrepreneurial path and how was he able to develop an understanding of his purpose in life?  

[9:12] What did the initial process look like for starting ONergy solar? 

[10:10] What is ONergy Solar's competitive advantage?


Piyush Jaju

[11:14] How did the process of developing the ONergy model occur?

[13:03] ONergy Solar business model: What are renewable energy centers exactly?

[15:05] ONergy's franchising model 

[17:15] Why are small energy entrepreneurship models so commonly employed in rural areas?

[18:47] What are some of the challenges in training these entrepreneurs?

[22:10] How has ONergy solar adapted and evolved its model over the past decade

[26:05] What does the internal decision making process look like when deciding to pivot a model

[27:30] How does Mr. Piyush Jaju see solar roof top developing over the next few years?

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