Aliya Haq | VP, Breakthrough Energy

Getting to zero by 2050 might be the most difficult challenge humanity has ever taken on. That’s because nearly everything we do in our daily lives contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, from how we plug in to how we grow things, make things, get around, and stay cool and warm.

Breakthrough Energy is committed to supporting new technologies that change the way we live, eat, work, travel, and make things so we can avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change.

Aliya Haq leads the team at Breakthrough Energy that advocates for an ambitious climate and clean energy policy agenda in the U.S., with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. She manages the development of policy ideas and frameworks across multiple sectors to speed up innovation and create demand for clean technology deployment. She also oversees multiple strategies to advance Breakthrough Energy’s policy goals, including coalition building, policymaker education, political engagement, and policy communications.

Show Notes:

[1:29] - Aliya describes her current role at Breakthrough Energy and what the organization’s mission is.
[2:44] - Breakthrough Energy has several projects but Aliya says one of the current exemplary endeavors is in industrial decarbonization.
[4:49] - We need to build clean energy as quickly as possible. This won’t happen with private or public investment alone. They have to work together.
[6:24] - One outside voice is not meaningful to the government. Breakthrough Energy develops relationships with organizations to make sure all voices are elevated.
[8:33] - Aliya discusses current federal funding and political risk.
[11:27] - Assume things are going to stay the same and continue to invest.
[14:01] - Aliya shares her background and why she was driven to work in climate.
[17:01] - Don’t wait for instructions all the time. Identify what needs to be figured out and suggest ways to tackle the problem.

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