Carla Frisch | ED, DOE Office of Policy

The Office of Policy advises and supports priorities of the Secretary of Energy and other departmental elements on a range of topics related to domestic energy and climate policy issues, including technology policy, deployment and infrastructure policy, state, local, tribal, and territorial policy, and energy jobs. 

The Office of Policy works collaboratively across the department and federal government, leveraging existing capabilities of program offices and national labs to achieve policy analysis objectives and build long-term analytical capabilities.

Carla Frisch is the Acting Executive Director and Principal Deputy Director of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Policy. The Office of Policy provides analysis on all aspects of the energy sector and works across government to enable policy in support of a clean energy economy. Frisch has directed DOE offices focused on climate and environment, energy efficiency, renewable energy, transportation, and electricity systems. She has worked extensively on energy system vulnerabilities and solutions. Previously, she led the U.S. Program at RMI and was an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University. Frisch holds degrees from Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill.

Show Notes:

[2:49] - We are currently in a historic moment for energy policy, climate policy, and the American economy.
[4:13] - Since 2021, we have seen over 400 new or expanded manufacturing facilities in the US. Carla shares some data and goals for upcoming years.
[5:40] - This is the result of a concerted industrial strategy with four pillars.
[7:54] - Carla explains the DOE’s role, specifically the Office of Policy, regarding the Inflation Reduction Act.
[11:09] - We’re seeing a major shift and impact in the US, saving Americans money on their utility bills and reducing US greenhouse gas emissions.
[13:40] - We are also experiencing a historic moment when it comes to this tax credit.
[16:46] - There is a tax credit for an energy audit for those who don’t know where to start.
[18:54] - What job and career opportunities are there at the DOE?
[20:45] - Carla shares what inspired her to commit to climate policy and the advice she has for those looking to do that same.

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