Eric Meyer | Principal at Activate Capital

Joining me today is Eric Meyer. He is graciously sharing his career journey, how he ended up at Activate Capital, and what he sees as trends, not only in climate, but in the political climate as well.

Eric is a Principal at Activate Capital, where he focuses on deal sourcing, due diligence, execution, and supporting portfolio companies post-investment. He is a Board Observer at portfolio companies Voltus, Omnidian, PosiGen, Fictiv, Parsable, and Element Analytics. Prior to joining Activate, Eric was an Associate at ValueAct Capital, an activist hedge fund, where he covered investment ideas spanning several sectors including energy and industrials. Eric began his career as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company in their Silicon Valley office.

Listen on to learn about his unique journey from his degree in Chemistry to Principal at Activate Capital and the process involved to be able to work at such an impactful investment company.

Show Notes:

[2:05] - Eric shares his background as a Chemistry major and his career journey that led him to Activate Capital.
[4:42] - Eric decided to go to Business school which gave him the opportunity to get more involved in clean energy tech and make connections.
[6:56] - In 2019, he began his work at Activate Capital full time.
[7:55] - Be open and intellectually curious. What can you bring to the table?
[8:53] - In these early conversations especially, being genuine is key. There is a side of the business that needs empathy.
[10:21] - You need to have genuine humility in this business.
[11:38] - Eric describes the process at Activate Capital and what they might be looking for in early conversations.
[14:20] - Investors need to be fully aligned with a founder as they are signing up for a journey that is several years long.
[17:08] - Eric gives some examples of scenarios that show some of the changes in venture capital.
[20:50] - How is the current political climate playing into this and impacting the industry?
[23:32] - Eric sees the trend of both political sides driving towards the re-industrialization of America.
[28:50] - Eric explains why Activate has invested in an insurance company.
[30:40] - When it comes to advice for his younger self, Eric shares what he wishes he knew sooner.

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