Julia Souder | CEO of LDES Council

Julia Souder, the CEO of LDES (Long Duration Energy Storage) Council, joins the Zenergy Podcast today for a really interesting conversation about what LDES is and its impacts.

Julia has over 22 years of strategic experience in the energy and environmental sectors. She has been a longtime advocate of clean energy technology, working extensively to support environmentally friendly technologies and equitable policies. Previously she held executive positions at the LDES Association of California, National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Clean Line Energy Partners, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and as a Founder at JAS Energies LLC.

The LDES Council’s mission is to replace the use of fossil fuels to meet peak demand by accelerating the market for long duration energy storage. This will cut global emissions and ensure flexibility in electricity supply, while providing flexible, affordable, reliable, and resilient clean energy solutions. The LDES Council’s industry experts provide fact-based guidance to governments and grid operators in the deployment of long duration energy storage to help achieve net zero for electric grids by 2040. The LDES Council provides education and advocacy services to help advance the adoption of long duration energy storage and accelerate carbon neutrality. The LDES Council covers a wide range of LDES technologies and its members span a wide spectrum of innovation, including mechanical, thermal, electrochemical and chemical solutions.

Show Notes:

[1:33] - Julia shares her background and the key highlights of her career that led her to where she is as CEO of LDES Council.
[5:02] - Storage is so critical to hold these renewables.
[6:17] - Be curious about the things that affect the process. This increases your skillset and gives you a big-picture perspective.
[9:07] - Julia explains that a lot of these technologies have existed for a long time, but storage needs to be scalable.
[10:45] - Julia breaks down the cost with LDES and how they are addressing scale.
[11:59] - What are the savings benefits and how does long duration energy storage work?
[14:04] - There has been an increase in support for LDES to address resiliency.
[15:19] - This is a global initiative with regional and local impacts.
[17:08] - LDES Council is working with partners to show countries how to make this more effective and efficient.
[18:47] - When it comes to working with policymakers and stakeholders, there are a variety of challenges.
[21:38] - Julia shares the goals for LDES by 2040.
[22:44] - There are a lot of growth opportunities in LDES and you can learn more about them on the LDES Council website.

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