Shuo Yang | Partner at Lowercarbon

“Where is that special spot in the universe that can channel all the energy I have and magnify it to make the most positive good as possible?” - Shuo Yang

An entrepreneur at heart, today’s guest is no stranger to the often confusing world of venture capital. Shuo Lang is a Partner at Lowercarbon Capital and in today’s episode, he shares his journey from entrepreneur to investor and what it takes to succeed in either role. 

In our conversation, Shuo talks a lot about superpowers, not only his own, but those of founders as well. Business plans change, but the constant is the team and Shuo is passionate about helping founders discover and hone their superpowers. In climate tech, where the stakes couldn’t be higher, this is crucial. 

Listen on to the episode to learn more about early stage startups, the investor-founder dynamic, the challenges that founders will face, and what this often misunderstood process looks like. With Shuo’s guidance, we can demystify the venture capital process and take steps to making a positive impact on the world.

Show Notes:

[1:31] - Shuo shares his background and how he was driven to make a larger impact on the world.
[4:47] - The early stages of a business are exciting. One of Shuo’s “superpowers” is seeing the strengths and potential as an investor.
[7:16] - Be wary of people who give general answers to questions.
[7:56] - The investor-founder dynamic is built on tension.
[9:09] - Building trust with founders in the beginning can be tough, but Shuo emphasizes the importance of compassion.
[11:06] - There are a lot of challenges as a founder. A good investor will acknowledge this and build trust and drive.
[12:04] - What does the investment process look like?
[14:26] - It is always a two-way street and Shuo says that this is often overlooked.
[16:37] - “Part of the job is constantly digging for this buried treasure.”
[18:05] - Shuo describes a general timeline of the investment process.
[19:32] - The work is brutal. Shuo explains the importance of knowing what a founder’s mission is and the intentional plan of their venture.

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