Stephen Brittain | Director & Co-Founder, Insurtech Gateway

Insurtech Gateway invests early, to help mission driven founders from around the globe. They believe that insurance and technology can transform society. But, the insurance sector has yet to realize its emerging role as both the enabler and protector of high growth sectors.

Joining the podcast today is Director and Co-Founder of Insurtech Gateway, Stephen Brittain. Stephen is an experienced innovation consultant with a deep understanding of startups, design, strategic innovation and translating this to investors. As Hambro Perks first Creative Director, he supported their growing portfolio (including Sipsmiths, Laundrapp, Takumi, TheDots) through early stage development and testing. Stephen is now focused on supporting Insurtech Gateway’s founders tackling complex climate and social challenges.

Our conversation today is all about the intersection of insurance and climate. Stephen helps us understand the insurance side of things and what risks consumers and entrepreneurs alike must consider.

Show Notes:

[1:28] - Stephen shares his background and how he wound up at the intersection of insurance and climate.
[2:30] - He didn’t want to make the story about himself. He wanted to make a difference.
[5:01] - After founding, what is Insurtech doing now?
[6:12] - Stephen explains the reasons there aren’t solar panels on every single home. It all comes down to risk.
[9:13] - Insurance companies are not risk averse. They are risk-aware.
[11:56] - There are many problems and risks that consumers experience.
[15:40] - Stephen shares some examples from Insurtech’s portfolio of clients.
[19:04] - Stephen explains some causes and effects and the trickiness of some choices that consumers have to make.
[22:51] - How has Stephen helped navigate the insurance landscape?
[24:32] - Insurtech stands out by their reputation and technical practicality.
[26:50] - Stephen gives the example of creating protective layers for farmers in India experiencing heat waves.
[30:20] - Stephen compares this to the mortgage process.
[32:06] - Get in touch with Insurtech to discuss ideas and risks to consider.

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