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Rahul Kitchlu

Rahul Kitchlu is currently the Sector Leader for Infrastructure & Energy at the World Bank and recently helped the Ethiopian government implement their scaling solar program. In this conversation, we explore Mr. Kitchlu's work on this project, and Mr. Kitchlu elaborates on how exactly the World Bank facilitated the necessary guarantees to developers, in order to incentivize them to invest the proposed $1 billion+ into this initiative.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Kitchlu! 

Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:04] Α brief introduction to Mr. Kitchlu and his involvement in the energy sector

[3:32] Mr. Kitchlu speaks about involvement in the Sub-Saharan African region as a Senior Energy Specialist

[8:33] How did the IFC scaling transaction initiative become realized in Ethiopia and how did the World Bank help facilitate over $1 billion of commitments from both the private and public sectors

[13:56] A breakdown of what guarantees the World Bank offers to help mitigate investor risks

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