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Rahul Tongia

Rahul Tongia leads the Brookings India sustainability practice which recently has transitioned into the Center for Social and Economic Progress. Dr. Tongia is also a founder of the India smart grid forum and has written extensively on the system level challenges associated with the grid integration of Renewable Energy sources.  In this conversation, Dr. Tongia expands on this topic, and breaks down the system levels costs associated with renewable energy integration into its various components. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Tongia! 







Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:08] How does the level of RE integration in India compare with other countries?

[6:05] Will high RE penetration levels pose significant challenges to grid operators?

[10:34] Is there a penetration threshold for renewable energy onto the grid, which once exceeded, grid operators will then face great difficulty to manage the energy flows?  

[14:50] A detailed breakdown of the system level impacts of Renewable energy on the grid

[23:30] Analysis of previously calculated system level costs of RE integration, and Dr. Tongia's perspective on whether these estimated cost quantities are representative of true costs

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