Rahul Walawakar

Dr. Rahul Walawakar is currently the Executive Director and the President of the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), which is a premier alliance that focuses on the advancement of energy storage and e-mobility technologies in India. In this conversation, we will explore the initiatives the Indian government has undertaken to advance energy storage capacity in India, as well as the potential for energy storage solutions in the near and long term.





Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:05] Mr. Walawalkar's journey into renewable energy and energy storage and the reason behind launching the India Energy Storage Alliance 

[6:22] How did Mr. Walawalkar decide to focus on energy storage, which was a very marginal concept for India and the world back in 2004

[9:03] How has the Indian energy storage market developed over the past decade?

[13:20] What is the current state of energy storage projects in India 

[16:02] Will India implement large scale energy storage projects in the next few years?

[21:57] What would Dr. Walawakar say to potential US financing entities interested in the energy storage market of India?

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