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Mr. Rajat Verma

Rajat Verma is the CEO of Lohum Batteries, which is an innovative company that focuses on the cell manufacturing and re-configuration of battery storage systems. Mr. Verma received his MS from Stanford and MBA from Harvard and is an alumnus from IIT Kanpur.   In this episode we discuss the energy storage landscape, how the supply chain is structured, and the steps India must take to become a stronger player in battery development.









Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:42] Are investors going to hold off on new investments considering the Covid-19 situation?
[3:22] Mr. Verma's and Lohum Batteries background introduction
[4:42] How did Mr. Verma get introduced to the lithium-ion battery space?
[9:29] What are first life, second life and end life use cases of batteries?
[12:05] A detailed breakdown of the supply chain for battery systems

[15:30] Lohum's unique capabilities to process anode, cathode and re-configure cells
[16:22] Does most of the battery cost stem from raw materials?
[17:53] Will China dominate in this field and can India compete? If yes, what steps are needed?
[20:57] What support has the Indian government provided and how can they improve?

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