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Rajeev Singh

Rajeev Singh is the chief technology officer of AutoGrid, a company which is known as a pioneer in the energy management space—and the first company that was backed by Arpa-E to pursue research in smart grid applications.  Mr. Singh was AutoGrid’s first engineer, and in this conversation, we discuss AutoGrid’s work with helping grid operators integrate renewable energy. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Singh! 




Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:52] The story behind AutoGrid and Mr. Singh's initial attraction to the company

[4:45] How AutoGrid leverages Cloud servers to help manage supply and demand flows 

[9:04] Why is elasticity important for AutoGrid's functionality?

[11:24] What is AutoGrid Flex and how do utilities benefit from this service?

[14:32] How is AutoGrid able to manage renewable energy generation at such a wide scale?

[17:58] The variables AutoGrid takes into account when forecasting generation and consumption

[18:47] What is the energy storage management system that AutoGrid has developed?

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