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Mr.  Saibaba Vutukuri


Mr. Saibaba Vutukuri is the Chief Executive Officer of Vikram Solar Limited which is the second largest solar company in India by revenue.  Mr. Vutukuri has worked in the Indian renewable energy industry since 1998 and therefore has experienced how the industry has developed overtime. In this conversation, Mr. Vutukuri discusses why he believes the Indian solar market to have significant potential over the long term and what is needed for India to maintain its international competitiveness. 


Ms. Pallavi Bishnoi


Pallavi Bishnoi is the principal energy investment specialist at Invest India and leads all energy initiatives for the group. In the included clip, we discuss various solar manufacturing investment efforts in India, and the incentives that states are offering in the present climate. Hope you Enjoy!



Topics covered in this podcast:


[2:01] What is Mr. Vutukuri’s background in the Energy Sector?

[7:26] Mr. Vutukuri foresees a huge opportunity for renewable energy in India, and explains why

[11:45] What are some of the gaps in the solar energy sector today?

[13:39] Why does Mr. Vutukuri believe there are huge opportunities for centralised solar firms?

[16:49] What problems will the Electricity Act of the Indian government solve?

[18:00] Why is it a good time in India for Vikram solar to make an investment in solar manufacturing?

[20:36] What does Mr. Vutukuri believe India's role will be on the global stage in this space?

[30:49] What are Vikram Solar near and long term plans?

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