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Sameer Shukla

Sameer Shukla is the Head of Global Energy Practice World Bank responsible for the European and Central Asian regions. Mr. Shukla's background is in finance and energy and he has been working for the World Bank for 24 years. Throughout his career, Mr. Shukla has been working to support countries in energy security and reforms and also to help them successfully manage the energy transition. In this interview, Mr. Shukla discusses the global shift towards sustainable forms of energy, and the important factors which a government must consider as it seeks to create an enabling environment. Mr. Shukla also talks about the importance of private investment, and the key obstacles that emerging countries must overcome to successfully integrate renewable energy sources. 


Topics to be discussed:

[2:16] A brief introduction to Mr. Shukla and his involvement the global renewable energy space

[4:27] Is there a clear global transition towards cleaner forms of energy and where in this process do various countries stand?

[7:47] What are the most important factors for the integration of renewable energy adoption in emerging markets?

[13:17] Are investors becoming more willing to invest in these long-term time horizons in developing countries? 

[18:07] What are the challenges which need to be addressed in order for renewable energy to reach greater penetration levels?

[21:30] How does the World Bank uses its capital provision commitment to facilitate more capital investments

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