Sanand Sule

Sanand Sule is the co-founder of Climate Connect which was recently acquired by ReNew Power. Climate Connect presently manages 20 GW of renewable energy across India and helps grid operators with integration, and developers with forecasting using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and manage their energy portfolios.  In this conversation we explore how the Indian grid compares with that in other countries and how Climate Connect’s capabilities have evolved over time. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Sanand Sule!  


Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:54] A brief introduction of Mr. Sule's involvement in the RE sector in India

[5:10] What are the key capabilities of Climate Connect which assist grid operators?

[8:12] When Climate Connect started, was there a clear vision and plan? Mr. Sule reflects on how Climate Connect has developed over time, and whether that matched his early assumptions

[12:03] How does the Indian grid compare to grids in more developed parts of the world?

[13:40] What would be some examples of smart policies which can help improve grid operability?

[16:19] What kinds of technological investments could make the grid more flexible?

[18:06] Mr. Sule's views on the key challenges in the Indian electricity sector, especially pertaining to the system level impacts as the penetration of renewable energy increases 

[21:00] Is the Climate Connect team optimistic about energy storage moving forward, and how would that technology fit into Climate Connect's current energy management capabilities? 

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