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Sanjeev Aggarwal ft. Viraj Gadhoke and Damian Miller

Sanjeev Aggarwal: Founder and Managing Director of Amplus Solar, which is India’s largest rooftop solar company with a present installed capacity of 650 MW. In this conversation, Mr. Aggarwal discusses the challenges he faced early on and how he was able to raise financing. We also explore Mr. Aggarwal's views on energy storage, solar manufacturing, and the future plans for Amplus Solar.


Viraj Gadhoke: This interview episode includes a clip from Viraj Gadhoke, who is the CEO of Vibhgyor energy. Vibhgyor energy is a company that similarly operates in the industrial solar space, and Mr. Gahdoke proivdes insight into the actual solar rooftop installation process.

Damian Miller: Another clip introduced is that of Damian Miller, the CEO and co-founder of Orb Energy, which is one of India's leading commercial solar rooftop company that oversees projects both in India and in Africa and has a total installed capacity of 80 MW. In the clip, Mr. Miller offers his perspective into the potential of rooftop solar in the African region.







Topics covered on this podcast:

[2:03] Is energy storage a very near-term viable option for the Indian market?

[4:34] What is Mr. Aggarwal’s opinion of India's manufacturing comptetitiveness?

[6:52] Was Mr. Aggarwal anticipating fast growth in the early days Amplus' journey?

[8:02] Clip from Mr. Viraj Gadhoke on the process of setting up an industrial solar project

[9:58] The key challenges in the early days of Amplus

[11:17] Amplus was first rooftop company to tap into the World Bank financing 

[12:02] How are solar projects financed?

[12:59] How did he manage to raise equity in the early days?

[13:52] Could developing countries in Africa follow the same trajectory as India and what are some hesitations for entering these markets?

[15:12] Mr. Damian Miller provides insight on Orb Energy's work in Africa, and his thoughts on the future potential of that market

[17:28] What are the future plans for Amplus?

[18:02] What advice would Mr. Aggarwal give to his younger self?

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