Sidharath Kapur

Sidharath Kapur is the present CEO of Acme Solar, which is India’s largest utility scale solar development company. In this conversation Mr. Kapur discusses renewable energy financing in India — beginning with an assessment of how much investment is required to achieve India's renewable energy targets. In this conversation Mr. Kapur breaks down a key challenge in the India solar market, which is the deficiency of long term debt financing at attractive rates.  Mr. Kapur concludes by introducing a proposed concept of renewable financing obligations, which could be the key for sustaining this industry over the long term. ​




Topics covered in the on this podcast:

[02:05] What are India's targets for renewable energy for the next years?

[3:57] Investment requirements needed to reach these targets

[5:32] What are the key sectoral challenges that need to be overcome?

[8:30] What is the problem with transmission infrastructure?

[10:19] What are the key hesitations for lenders?

[15:00] Is there significant international investment coming in?

[19:30] Mr. Kapoor's introduction of the renewable power financing obligation

[25:31] Will India remain and further become a leader in the solar sector?

Sidharath Kapur
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