Taranjit Singh Sandhu

Taranjit Singh Sandhu is the current Ambassador of India to the US and former High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka. In this conversation, Ambassador Sandhu provides a historical overview of the relationship between India and the US, and talks about how the relationship has evolved over time. Ambassador Sandhu discusses the strengths of the Indian renewable energy market and what steps the government is taking to facilitate greater access for foreign investors.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Ambassador Sandhu! 





Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:42] How has the US-India relationship evolved over time?

[5:03] How can the younger population engage to further strengthen this relationship?

[7:03] What are the specific strengths of India and the US in the development of the energy sector?

[11:53] What exactly is the “One grid, one world” vision?

[15:23] What are the key challenges that investors express, who are interested in Indian investments?

[19:42] What work has the embassy engaged in to address these investor concerns and what policies have been enacted to make investing in the Indian energy market more accessible?  

[21:53] Ambassador Sandhu makes a call to action to potential investors interested in the Indian energy space

Honorable Indian Ambassador to US Taranjit Sandhu
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