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Todéman F. Assan

Todéman F. Assan is the Head of the Ministry of Energy, Water and Mines in Benin. Benin is importantly situated in West Africa and is where the HQ for the West African Power Pool is based. In this interview, Mr. Assan discusses the West African renewable energy landscape, the challenges that have to be overcome for its development and the process of formulating solar projects across this region. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Mr. Assan! 


Topics to be discussed:

[1:40] A Brief introduction to Mr. Assan

[2:40] What is the current energy mix of exports versus imports in Benin

[7:20] What are the challenges of building out the transmission and distribution lines in urban areas?

[8:30] Are there any government plans to increase Benin's solar generation capacity?

[13:20] What are the tariff rates for Benin's existing solar projects?

[15:05] Is the financing for long-term renewable energy projects guaranteed by the Benin government?

[21:13] What is Benin's role in the West African Power Pool

[25:46] What does the future of solar energy look West Africa, given the mission of the WAPP

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