Tushar Devidayal

Tushar Devidayal is the founder of Devidayal Solar, which provides innovative cooling solutions to the last mile. Mr. Devidayal was the former CEO of Devidayal Chemicals which was one of the top ten pesticide and chemical processing companies in India. In this episode, we will explore Mr. Devidayal's journey, and his motivations behind wanting to launch a solar company, after having such a successful career in the corporate space. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr. Devidayal! 

Topics covered in this podcast:

[1:50] Mr. Devidayal provides background into a unique challenge that the company experienced  

[3:58] Mr. Devidayal's background and what led him into the wonderful world of solar energy

[7:45] Mrs. Devidayal gives insight into what led her husband into social entrepreneurship

[9:26] The rural power situation in India - have power cuts drastically reduced?

[10:30] How has Devidayal Solar evolved over time from a product standpoint?

[12:45] What’s involved in Devidayal's flagship solar cooling product? What are the primary components?

[14:00] Mr. Mishra talks about Devidayal's distribution channels

[15:02] What’s the primary challenge in convincing rural customers? 

[18:06] How the IFC Light Asia-India initiative help facilitate financing

[20:00] How has growing up in an entrepreneurial family impacted Mr. Devidayal's journey 

[22:26] What drives Mr. Devidayal today as a social entrepreneur? 

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