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Upendra Tripathy

Upendra Tripathy is the Director General of the International Solar Alliance and India's former Minister of Renewable Energy. Under Director General Tripathy’s term, India launched its ambitious plan to hit 100 GW’s of solar by 2022 and in this conversation, DG Tripathy discusses the international solar alliance's plans for significantly facilitating more capital into the sustainable energy space. Hope you enjoy my conversation with Director General Tripathy! 




Topics covered on this podcast:

[1:50] What is the ISA and what led to its conception?
[10.06] The ISA's plans for launching a World Solar Bank in partnership with the World Bank
[14:14] How is the ISA working to form connections between its member countries, who are extremely well positioned to integrate solar into their energy mixes
[18:02] Are there opportunities for foreign investors to partner with ISA and invest in its projects?
[22:22] What would Mr. Tripathy advise the investors that have concerns about contract sanctity in emerging markets?
[23:01] What is the vision for the ISA moving forward?

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