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Vaishali Sinha

Vaishali Sinha is a founding member of ReNew Power and president of the ReNew Foundation, which is the largest renewable energy development company in India with more than 10 GW’s of operational capacity.  In our conversation, Ms. Sinha shares what the early days of ReNew looked like, how the idea came about, and what were the key inflection points in the company's journey.  Additionally, this podcast episode includes a clip of our conversation with Anand Gupta, who led ReNew’s recent acquisition efforts for Climate Connect.


Topics covered in this podcast:

[2:000] What differentiates ReNew and separates it from the competition?

[6:56] What does the digital initiative entail?

[9:47] Mr. Anand Gupta explains the culture around ReNew's innovation

[12:21] What process did the acquisition process of Climate Connect look like and how does it fit ReNew’s strategy?

[16:06] Ms. Sinha talks about the story behind Goldman Sach’s investment, an early inflection point

[22:51] What are the foundation plans for the Lighting Lives Program?

[26:53] What are the foundation plans for the ReWind Program?

[32:09] What advice would Ms. Sinha give to the younger generation?

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