The sustainability

"The sustainability supercycle drives global transformation towards a more eco-conscious future."


Rapid decarbonization of industrial and infrastructure systems

The world is at a crucial point in the battle against climate change and the shift toward sustainable energy, demanding swift global cooperation and innovation for a greener, more resilient future.

Energy Transition

Intelligent Mobility

Digital Transformation

Economic Development

Climate Impacts

Sustainable Finance

One Platform, Endless Opportunities to Build a
Sustainable Future


Climate Leadership, Technology and Finance

Alex Laplaza

Partner at
LowerCarbon Capital

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The Zenergy Podcast interviews global climate leaders with prior guests including the founders of some of the world's largest renewable energy and electric vehicle companies including founders of SoftBank Energy, Azure Power, Ola Electric, and SunEdison. These conversations share industry developments, highlight clean tech investment opportunities, and shed light on how young professionals can increase their chances of employment in this fastly growing sector.